The Gentleman


February 12, 2013

Self Talk on the Golf Course

Improve your golf game with better mental preparation.

Golfers are well known for their unique pre-swing routines. Maybe you’ve tried every stance and club waggle combination possible, but have you put as much consideration into the mental aspect of your preparation? This author recommends a new approach to self talk on the course that could lead to lower scores:

“The easiest and least confusing way in which you can improve your game of golf and lower your handicap is to clean up your language. No, I don’t mean that you need to stop swearing… quit the negative mumbling and get into your pre shot routine. In this way you make the best of it and you commit to your shot instead of compounding your issues.”

Many weekend golfers are dragged down by their own negativity. Don’t let it happen to you. Read on for some tips on adopting a positive, confident approach.

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