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February 06, 2013

On Choosing Golf Accessories

Bachelor Shop: On Choosing Golf Accessories

Gear up, Gentlemen!

Find the right accessories is essential to playing well and looking good on the course. You’ll need the right golf accessories: shoes, bag, and gloves if you’re going to fit in and look the part. Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you’re browsing in the clubhouse:

On shoes:

“The tread pattern of the shoe is important. If the shoe is slick at the bottom with no pattern at all, forget this pair. Such shoes will have little traction and none at all if the course is wet.”

On golf bags:

“Pockets are a convenient addition. No number is one too many. One pocket can hold extra towels to wipe your sweat off during the extreme heat in summer. Another one can keep the hood to protect the bag and clubs from getting drenched in rain. And another is useful to store the golf balls. It must be big enough to keep at least a dozen. And finally, a separate pocket would be great to keep extra golf tees and the divot tool.”

Never make another bad golf purchase again! With the the simple tips in this article you can save money, look like a pro on the course, and keep your garage free of discarded accessories.

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