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February 19, 2013

Fishing on Vacation

Set sail on a fishing expedition for your next vacation!

If you’re thinking about packing your rod and reel for your next vacation, plan ahead to make sure you make the most of the opportunity. In this article, the author discusses some pros and cons of hitting the water with professionals, or going alone:


“Even if you have years of experience under your belt, chances are good you’ll appreciate tips since this is the first time you are dealing with this area and these fish. Charters often provide all of the equipment you need for the experience. This may include the boat, gear and the captain to take you where you want to go.”

Going it alone:

“You can also rent a boat and take it out on your own. Those with some experience will find this option to be ideal. You can take it where you want to and experience the type of angling you like. This may also be one of the best ways to get in some peace and quiet while you are traveling.”

What works best for you? With the right plan and the right location, you can make it a memorable vacation, and maybe even reel in a record catch.

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