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February 14, 2013

Using a Simple Golf Swing to Fade or Draw Your Shot

Admire your shots with our golf swing tips.

Fading a golf ball over a dogleg fairway into a protected green truly is a skill that separates scratch golfers from duffers. But with a little help from this author, you might be able to pull off some professional looking shots during your next round.


“To hit a fade you will have to make a number of adjustments to your golf swing. The simplest change will occur in your stance. When you are setting up for your driver, place your leading foot slightly farther back than normal. You will create what is known as an open stance.”


“During the setup you would move the toes of trailing foot slightly farther back than normal, creating a more closed stance.”

It all starts with the stance. Try out the tips in this article the next time you go to the range, and get ready to wow your golfing buddies on the course.

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